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Happy 2018

Wishing you a happy 4th of July

Have a Doggone Good Fourth of July!

I’ll be partying with family and friends and begging for bites of hot dogs and watermelon– my favs

Happy First Day of Summer — Tips for Keepin’ Cool

The return of warm water inspired me to offer some thoughts on keeping comfortable for the next few months: Cool your dog creatively. Lay down a wet towel for your dog to rest on; fill a kiddie pool and set it in the shade; turn on a fan behind a bowl of ice; or carry…

Will You Be My Valentine?

Just don’t feed me chocolates. I’d prefer a dog biscuit, a nearly-empty peanut butter jar or a new antler, my dear.

I Get My Pumpkin On…Literally!

Have a Happy Halloween! I found tasty treats in my Jack ‘o lantern. Wishing you lots of treats, too.  

Farewell to Summer

September 22nd is the first day of Fall. We’ve got bushes of rose-colored hydrangeas in our yard that bloom in August and September — just before the oak and maple leaves begin to turn. The hydrangeas look great, as you can see, which means winter is right around the corner.

What’s in a Name? Hopalong Cassidy

Our new puppy is a pouncer and a jumper and a hopper and a leaper. She pounces on balls, big and small, snow drifts and errant towels that wind up on the floor.  So after a few days of trying out a few monikers — Shadow, from the name of her litter; Kansas, the state…

Introductions Part 2: Our New Puppy

We were four in our household — three humans and one dog — until December 28, 2012, when we lost our beloved Aussie, Jazzy. Still reeling from our loss, we realized our barn/home was too big to be without a dog. So we went online — the same way we found Jazzy –and searched until…

I Earned My Wings Today. Thanks for Being my Fans.

I have not been feeling my best for a couple of months. Today, my symptoms hit a turning point. I could not catch my breath; my body shook with every effort to do so and I wheezed each time, in what sounded like a cross between a cry and a whimper. An ultrasound showed what…