Happy First Day of Summer — Tips for Keepin’ Cool

Cassidy welcomes the first day of Summer under her favorite dogwood tree

Cassidy welcomes the first day of Summer under her favorite dogwood tree

The return of warm water inspired me to offer some thoughts on keeping comfortable for the next few months:

Cool your dog creatively.
Lay down a wet towel for your dog to rest on; fill a kiddie pool and set it in the shade; turn on a fan behind a bowl of ice; or carry a misting bottle with water when you are outside together.
Cool both sides.
Make sure to spray paws and tummy. A wet towel does more good underneath than on top of your dog.
Keep your dog well hydrated. That’s a good idea for humans, too.

Be cautious with walkies. Avoid the day’s highest heat and humidity, which is usually between 1 and 4 PM. Dogs with short snouts, such as bulldogs, can’t pant as efficiently in humid weather due to their narrowed nostrils and windpipes — their outdoor time should be scheduled appropriately.
Never, ever leave your dog in the car. Even if windows are cracked, the interior temp can rise by 19°F in as little as 7 minutes.
Patrol parasites. Hookworms and heartworms are more prevalent during the summer. Dogs pick them up through the pads of their feet. Ask your vet for a prescription medication that keeps the parasites away.
Share with care. Barbecue scraps and fatty leftovers can give your pup pancreatitis. Corn on the cob and peach pits are also risk. They can lodge in a dog’s intestines.
Skip the briquettes. Dogs like to steal these from the grill, and charcoal briquettes can easily get stuck in the stomach, causing vomiting and requiring surgery
For more summer advice, visit Cesar’s site or the ASPCA’s: http://www.cesarsway.com/dog-care/dog-health/top-summer-tips#ixzz3czIyN5MV or, https://www.aspca.org/about-us/press-releases/aspca-offers-tips-keep-pets-safe-during-dog-and-cat-days-summer.

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