Hope You Had an All-Star Day!!

May Your Holidays Be Furry and Bright!!

Happy 2018

Wishing you a happy 4th of July

Woofington Wishes You the Wonders of the Season!!

Have a Doggone Good Fourth of July!

I’ll be partying with family and friends and begging for bites of hot dogs and watermelon– my favs

Happy 4th of July

Looking Forward to Friends and Fireworks — at a safe distance.

Wishing You All Some Elfin Magic this Season

— I plan on making my own mischief this year — as always.

Happy Thanksgiving!! Wishing us all a lot of leftovers.

Happy Howl-o-ween!

Happy National Dog Day!! — Better Late Than Never

We don’t need a National Dog Day. We at Woofington’s World support everyday in every way appreciation. But there is a National Dog Day (or National Dog Appreciation Day) every August 26th and here’s a helpful list from of ways to celebrate. (I got thrown an extra biscuit because my owners missed the day!)…

Happy Birthday America

Will You Be My Valentine?

Just don’t feed me chocolates. I’d prefer a dog biscuit, a nearly-empty peanut butter jar or a new antler, my dear.

New Year’s Resolutions: Pet and People Appropriate

My owner and I compiled a list of changes we can both get behind. 1) Pick more fights with Shoes and Pillows (and fewer with people) 2) Find appropriate greetings (no more, “Yo, Man!” or piddling to say hello) 3) Get out more (to dog park for me) 4) Learn something new (“give me the…

From Our House to Yours: Warmest Wishes for the Season!!

Happy Turkey Day 2013!!

To you and yours and an extra turkey leg for Cassidy!

I Get My Pumpkin On…Literally!

Have a Happy Halloween! I found tasty treats in my Jack ‘o lantern. Wishing you lots of treats, too.  

Every Dog Has Its Day and Today is Mine!

I got a lot of great treats in the course of posing for my first birthday photo. Today  I am going to get a new collar.Maybe it should be pink so people know I am a girl. I am getting a new puzzle toy , too — those are my favorite kind.

Have a Fab 4th of July!!

I’ll be entertaining friends and scavenging for crumbs. Looking forward to it!

Happy Summer Solstice!!

The first official day of summer is today, though we’ve had a few hot days already, Enjoy them all, keep smiling and stay cool!

Happy Dad’s Day, Love, the Dog

It’s Dad’s Day this week and I have a great gift idea. I’m getting my owner dad (with the help of my owner mom) a copy of Like My Dog, a lyrical description of our man/dog bond. You can hear Billy Currington sing it on YouTube, including lyrics like these: When I come home,…

Cinco de Mayo is Nearly Here

I am getting a head start on my Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Turns out it’s a special day for other pets, too. In Chicago, for example, they’ll be celebrating Cinco de Bow Wow on Saturday at Wright-Way Rescue. Billed as a four-legged fiesta, they’ve planned an afternoon of drinks, festive food, raffle prizes, music and…

National Puppy Day this Week!!

  This week we celebrate National Puppy Day. Being a national puppy myself I thought I show you a few of my more fetching poses in honor of the big day. I also thought I’d take this opportunity to make a pitch for puppy adoption. Did you know that approximately 4 million adoptable dogs &…

Happy St. Pup’s Day!

I’ve got an Irish name, Cassidy, from the Gaelic given name Caiside, meaning “clever” or “curly-haired,” so St. Patrick’s Day is one I’ll be celebrating this Sunday. If this view of me as a Leprechaun lass is not enough to get you in the spirit, check out this selection of St. Patricks Day Dogs from…

Christmas is Coming!

That means gifts for me — Greenies and toys and a big bone from Grandma Sandy. Not to mention lots of guests and food and crumbs to clean. Also I’ll be giving my hot-off-the-press 2013 Woofington’s World calendar as a holiday gift for all and sundry. I can always be counted on to do my…

Happy Hannukah!

I love latkes! And most other food.

I Do the Turkey Dance!!

Have a great T-Day!! There are always lots of leftovers with my name on them, so I will.

Hooray for Fall!!!

Happy First Day of Fall! Cooler weather, leaves to run in — fall’s a favorite of mine!

Yankee Doodle Dog: Happy Fourth of July!

I love a parade and a big party on the 4th.  We have a lot of friends over for turkey dogs, chicken dogs, sausages, watermelon and fireworks viewing every year.  So many choices of people to beg from, so little time! And my good friend Bella — I’m glued to her; she loves to give…

Happy Dog Father’s Day!

Here I am with my devoted human “dad.” Maybe we’ll watch The Dogfather in his honor and I can beg for popcorn. In the movie, a Mafia don’s right-hand dog, a bulldog named Sonny, swallows his ring, and two of the don’s best soldiers invade the suburbs in their attempt to retrieve the ring from…

Aloha: May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

“If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater… suggest that he wear a tail. “ ~Fran Lebowitz

In My Easter Bun-net!

Deviled Eggs all around! But no candy for your dogs and don’t bring home a chick, duckling or a baby bunny unless you are prepared to care for a full-grown chicken, duck or rabbit. Enjoy the day!

Every Dog Has its Day!

It’s my birthday and that of one of my owners. I’m 11 years young; he’s not saying. Don’t worry — no cupcake for me.  I’m holding out for watermelon and a big bone.  

Puppy Love: National Puppy Day

I am a few days late — National Puppy Day was March 23rd. But it’s never too late to post cute images of puppies and a reminder that dog adoption is a great idea. These are champagne lab pups, and their older siblings, bred by my “uncle” Mike who lives with his wife, Elizabeth,…

Erin Go Dog!!

I’m seeing the world through emerald-colored glasses today. A Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and yours!!

Happy Presidog’s Day! A Quiz

We want our presidents to love dogs. Little has changed in the 88 years since the American Kennel Club declared, “The country at large takes a natural interest in the President’s dogs and judges him by the taste and discrimination he shows in his selection…. Any man who does not like dogs and want them about…

Happy Valentine’s Dog

Have you hugged your dog today? Because it’s good for your heart. According to WebMD, researchers have noted lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in people who own pets compared to people who don’t. Doctors still recommend that you follow guidelines regarding diet, exercise and medication, but it’s thought that the lower cholesterol levels could be attributed…

Superbowl XLVI: Not Just An Excuse For Snacks

I’ll be watching the Puppy Bowl VIII tomorrow, too. It’s back for its 8th consecutive year — all-star, adoptable dogs. Then we’ll switch to Superbowl XLVI where dogs will rock the commercials. VW has already released “The Bark Side,” dogs singing the theme from Star Wars, and for the Superbowl they’ll show, “The Dog Strikes…

Happy Aussie Day!

I’m an Australian Shepherd. Why wouldn’t I use that as an excuse to recognize Australia Day, January 26th, the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 and the proclamation of British sovereignty over the eastern seaboard of New Holland? (I know, my breed doesn’t really have much to do…

Have a Magical New Year!!

May Your Holidays Be Merry and Bright!!

Happy Hannukah!

Holiday Helper

The holidays can take a lot out of a dog… Just over half of American pet owners will buy gifts for their pets this holiday season, and they’ll spend an average of $46 on their animals, with toys and treats topping the list, according to a new poll. Sixty-eight percent of pets getting gifts…

Happy T-Day!!

I am thankful for leftover turkey and so much more.