Friends and Forebearers: Marquis de Talleyrand

Tom and Marquis de Talleyrand photo by sandy grotta

Meet the Marquis de Talleyrand, the childhood poodle of my owner, Tom. He was a gift from Tom’s grandfather. It used to drive Tom crazy to see Talleyrand come home from the dog salon with a bow in his fur, because Tom thought it made Talley look like a girl. One sad day, Talleyrand was hit by a limousine and rushed to the vet.  He needed surgery. The next day, when they family called, they were told the surgery could not be performed because Talleyrand would not eat.  “What did  you feed him?” asked Tom’s mom. “Dog food,” was the reply.  “He’s never had dog food,” said Tom’s mom.  “I’ll bring him what he likes.”  She cooked up a batch of chicken and chicken livers, Talleyrand ate up, survived the surgery and lived many years thereafter.

Marquis de Talleyrand in NJ photo by tom grotta

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2 Responses to Friends and Forebearers: Marquis de Talleyrand
  1. Carol Brown
    March 15, 2012 | 1:48 pm

    Love the story about “Talleyrand” and if that doesn’t look like Carter when he was that age.

  2. Glenda
    May 19, 2012 | 4:43 am

    I love the poodle. I had one, Brandy, who was just as spoiled and he owned us, we didn’t own him.
    Every dog is different and has a different personality. We have had three other dogs who all lived about 14 years, but never one like Brandy.
    Tallyrand must have been fun.So glad he lived to see many more years.

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