Every Dog Has Its Day and Today is Mine!

I got a lot of great treats in the course of posing for my first birthday photo. Today  I am going to get a new collar.Maybe it should be pink so people know I am a girl. I am getting a new puzzle toy , too — those are my favorite kind.

Doggy Discourse: Keeping Dog-Eye

Yep, that’s me “keeping dog-eye” (that’s British slang for keeping an eye out).

Farewell to Summer

September 22nd is the first day of Fall. We’ve got bushes of rose-colored hydrangeas in our yard that bloom in August and September — just before the oak and maple leaves begin to turn. The hydrangeas look great, as you can see, which means winter is right around the corner.

Turn About is Fair Play: Water Cats

As it happens, not all cats hate the water. Here are some sites where you can see — of all things — dog paddling cats. Fat Cat Holly tries to get in shape at 13 years of age, while the anchor tries to curb her giggling. . How old is that in human years? Here’s…

Water Woofs

More shots from Maine. Drippy dogs, swimming dogs, surfing dogs! Wish it had been me.

Life’s a Beach for Bowser…and friends

My family went to Maine — without me — and met a herd of other dogs having an awfully good time. Here are just a few of the dogs they met — did I mention, without me — Brittany, Charlie, Amber, a very golden, Golden and Pilot, an Australian Shepherd.

Pet-Shaming — It’s My Turn

  Remember Sid, from the original Toy Story, a toy’s worst nightmare? In the film, Sid barbecues toys on the grill, straps Buzz Lightyear to a rocket and creates an army of mutant toys including Baby Face, a one-eyed male baby doll head staked on a spider-like body with pincers made from an Erector set. Well, I’ve done my best…

Have a Fab 4th of July!!

I’ll be entertaining friends and scavenging for crumbs. Looking forward to it!

Happy Summer Solstice!!

The first official day of summer is today, though we’ve had a few hot days already, Enjoy them all, keep smiling and stay cool!

Happy Dad’s Day, Love, the Dog

It’s Dad’s Day this week and I have a great gift idea. I’m getting my owner dad (with the help of my owner mom) a copy of Like My Dog, a lyrical description of our man/dog bond. You can hear Billy Currington sing it on YouTube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY4h1ikePaA including lyrics like these: When I come home,…