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Happy National Dog Day!! — Better Late Than Never

We don’t need a National Dog Day. We at Woofington’s World support everyday in every way appreciation. But there is a National Dog Day (or National Dog Appreciation Day) every August 26th and here’s a helpful list from of ways to celebrate. (I got thrown an extra biscuit because my owners missed the day!)…

Happy Birthday America

Will You Be My Valentine?

Just don’t feed me chocolates. I’d prefer a dog biscuit, a nearly-empty peanut butter jar or a new antler, my dear.

New Year’s Resolutions: Pet and People Appropriate

My owner and I compiled a list of changes we can both get behind. 1) Pick more fights with Shoes and Pillows (and fewer with people) 2) Find appropriate greetings (no more, “Yo, Man!” or piddling to say hello) 3) Get out more (to dog park for me) 4) Learn something new (“give me the…

From Our House to Yours: Warmest Wishes for the Season!!

Happy Turkey Day 2013!!

To you and yours and an extra turkey leg for Cassidy!

Hillbilly Hound

Do you remember Huckleberry Hound? For some reason, my penchant for chewing grass reminded my owners of the cartoon canine. Happy to oblige.

I Get My Pumpkin On…Literally!

Have a Happy Halloween! I found tasty treats in my Jack ‘o lantern. Wishing you lots of treats, too.  

Pup-ularity: My Best Week So Far!

I had the best week ever last week. First a playdate at my house with Rusty, a rescued German Shepherd. I let him eat my food and drink my water and I matched him stride for stride on runs in the yard. Then, a few days later, I had a long visit with my excellent…

Every Dog Has Its Day and Today is Mine!

I got a lot of great treats in the course of posing for my first birthday photo. Today  I am going to get a new collar.Maybe it should be pink so people know I am a girl. I am getting a new puzzle toy , too — those are my favorite kind.