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Looking for Spring. Is it here yet? We’re tired of the snow.

Downward Dog and Canine Calisthenics

One of my owners hates exercise. After two battles (so far successful) with a life-threatening illness, she found a personal trainer to help her fend off a recurrence. I wanted to do my share, as you can see. Alas, my attempt to increase the resistance for her ab exercises, was not appreciated. Not as reluctant are…

Dog Myths Decrypted: The Nose Knows

How many times have you heard  that you can tell if a dog is sick if its nose is warm or dry? We did some nosing around and discovered, no matter how many times people say it,  it’s just not true. It’s an “old wives tale” that cold wet noses indicate health and warm or dry noses…

My BBF – best brother forever!

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” -Bern Williams

Can an Animal be UnAmerican? Surprising Flag Theft Mystery Solved

People in Hudson, NY were steamed. Just before the 4th of July this year, dozens of flags disappeared from the graves of veterans of the Civil War. “Disrespectful,” “dirtbag” — the town was clearly disgusted. A $500 reward was offered and a graveside camera installed. The culprit was uncovered — to the surprise of all…

Pick a Park for Your Pet and Be Polite

We’ve got a few great places near our house where we can go for a romp and I love it when we do.  We recently visited a local park that welcomes pooches as well as people, where I met another Aussie, a border collie, an mini-Aussie mix, a Golden Retriever, a terrier, a Labradoodle and what…

The Dog Days of Summer — I Love ‘Em

They call the days from July 3rd to August 11th the “dog days of summer” and I love them. The name comes from the ancient belief that when Sirius, also called the Dog Star (thought that was me!), moves closest to the sun, it is responsible for hot weather. I can get a bit warm in my fur…

Friends and Forebearers: Meet Ricardo from New Canaan Cleaners

Ricardo from New Canaan Cleaners http://www.newcanaancleaners.net/ index.htm is a good friend of mine.  I wait by the door on Fridays and start my bark/whine of welcome as soon as I hear the crunch of his tires in our gravel driveway. He never comes to visit without a big and tasty dog biscuit just for me.

What makes you think it was me?

Ever wonder why there are so many quotes about guilty dogs? “The guilty dogs bark loudest.” Unknown; “The guilty dog barks first.” Texas saying. “The black dog gets the food; the white dog gets the blame.” Unknown. I think we’re getting a bum rap and at least one scientific experiment backs me up. According to…

Ode to Green Grass

“A piece of grass a day keeps the vet away”