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Jumpin’ Geronimo!

Don’t miss this dog and his remarkable double-dutch feat. Double Dutch is hard enough on two feet — imagine it on four. You go Geronimo!

Dog Bites Shark

This Aussie dog (from Australia that, is, not an Australian Shepherd) actually takes a nip out of a shark! But it’s the narration that takes this video over the top. Profanity alert: one swear word is uttered in amazement.

The Paw d’Or – Woofington Salutes Animal Actors

Animals rule the Oscars this year. As often happens, they dominate the category for Best Animated Film — A Cat in Paris and Puss in Boots, one Kung Fu Panda and a Rango, a lizard. But animal actors also made a real impact in the films nominated for Best Picture and other awards. There’d have…

My Top 5 Animal Stories of 2011

There were many choices, but here are my top 5 animal story pics, plus 3 runners up: The Penguin that Took a Wrong Turn An emperor penguin, nicknamed Happy Feet, showed up in New Zealand this June — about 2,500 miles away from his home in Antarctica. The chick was clearly lost, trying to eat…

A Dog Named Wall Street

  Wall Street was a dog who lost his family in Hurricane Katrina.  He waited for them at their house from September to December 2005, fed by volunteers, spending his days in a doggie bed they provided for him.  Thomas Mann, a New Orleans artist, gave Wall Street treats and created a work of art about Wall Street and…